A collection of cultural images by Sharyn Smith

“Each year I think I should grow up, settle down, and slow my travels but Tibet has got under my skin and each year the longing to return gets strong as winter ends and spring approaches. I speak enough Tibetan now to ask people if they mind their photograph being taken…..most are happy to share a moment with me.” Sharyn Smith

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Early morning in the back alleys of the Barkor.

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Nomad boy near the Suge La (Nyenchen Thanglha Range)

culture-8 1

Pilgram at the 12 year Powa festival below Drigung Gompa

culture-20 1

Impromtu geography lesson with some villagers in the Reting Valley

culture-21 1

A monk prays in Reting Monastery

culture-30 1

A horsemen dressed up for the harvest festival in the Tolung Valley

culture-31 1

Horse racing at the Tolung Festival

culture-38 1

Horse racing at the Tolung Festival

culture-35 1

Young monk and his trusty steed!

culture-46 1

Pilgram doing Kora around the Jokhang Temple: Lhasa

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