Mt. Chomokangar & Namtso Lake

A spectacular 4 day trip that gets you out of Lhasa and quickly into some of the most spectaculr trekking terrain you will ever see. Starting at the famous Lake Namtso we camp away from the normal tourist site, sharing our camp with nomads and yaks. We explore the pilgrimage site of Tashi Dor before driving back through the Nyenchen Thanglha range, over the Sugu La and close to the base of Chomokangar, a stunning peak just short of 7000m. We then spend the nest 3 days exploring the incredible alpine environment and views. If you only have a short amount of time and you want to get amongst glaciers, alpine lakes, yaks and pikas and experience camping out near yak herders piques your interest, this trip is a prfect choice.

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