Cultural tours
Trip guide : 2015-08-08
Trip date : 2015-08-19
Date : 2015-07-10, Time : 02:24:21

I am interested in a small group tour, in August, for max 10 days. Do you have any which includes the Shotun festival on 14 August? Please let me know what types of itineraries you have and send me the information. I’m not that interested in going to EBC but would prefer to do shorter trips to Namsto lake and Lhasa surrounds and maybe also Gyantse and Shigatse.Thanks

Name : Mr. Russ Bailey
Kangshung Face of Everest
Trip guide : 2016-05-01
Trip date : 2016-06-01
Date : 2015-09-09, Time : 01:44:42

We are interested in nature and wild scenery - not much on the cultural side.Do you provide pack animals?

Name : Dr. Suzanne Belmore
Trekking Adventures
Trip guide : 2015-10-19
Trip date : 2015-10-25
Date : 2015-07-27, Time : 20:10:03

75% trekking; 25% cultural particularly interacting with nomadic and/or mountainous families

Name : Mr. Sebastian
Rinchins new trip
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Date : 2015-09-13, Time : 04:21:06

Dan: Thanks.YH: By the time I saw your comment, twas too late. I didnt want to check any bags becuase I had a very roundabout flight back to Germany and didn't want to lose such an item. Thus, I can't check now but only at Christmas. Thanks though.

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Date : 2015-09-13, Time : 04:21:07

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