Mountainbiking: We often set up mountainbike trips and now have a collection of Giant bikes in Lhasa. The most popular is the classic Lhasa to Kathmandu ride but there are also some far more creative rides that can be done.

Motorbiking is a classic way to see the Tibetan plateau if you are an experienced rider. We regularly run the Kathmandu to Lhasa overland route using ultra classic Enfield bikes from India.

Kayaking: Facilitating kayaking expeditions is one of our specialties and we have run over 25 first descents in Tibet. Check out our River Journeys page but also remember that there are far more rivers and trip ideas than we can even begin to mention on our website. Get on google earth and start exploring!

If you want to taste a range of adventurous activities in Tibet we often put together multi-sort trips including rafting, horse trekking and mountainbiking. Let us knokw your interests and we can create an itinerary for you. It could be a short 3 days trip out of Lhasa, a 21 day kayak and mountainbike trip in East Tibet or a multi-sport extravaganza such as the Raid Gauloise ( ) which involved facilitating 300 racers, support staff and camera crews across Tibet.