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A selection of Tibetan Portraits

An Artist’s Impression of Contempory Lhasa
by Kabir Heimsath

River Journeys

Tolung Chu Half day rafting trip
The Tolung Chu is only 1 hour from Lhasa. The Tolung is the perfect introduction to whitewater in Tibet. It is suitable for beginners and experienced rafters. Children are welcome. This trip can be added to any Lhasa itinerary or can be booked as an independent booking once you arrive in Lhasa.

Drigung Chu 1 day trip
The Drigung is our favourite short rafting trip in central Tibet
The trip is suitable for any acclimatised and adventurous person who can swim. The river generally runs from early June to end of September.This trip can be added to any Lhasa itinerary or can be booked as an independent booking once you arrive in Lhasa.

Drigung Chu 2 Day Rafting Trip
The 2 day Drigung Chu rafting trip is 2 days of classic class 3 and 4 whitewater in one of the most beautiful valleys in central Tibet.This trip can be booked in Lhasa by walking into our down town office, or can be included (on request) into one of our international itineraries. This video was shot for a private family group (the youngest was 11 years old!)

East Tibet Expedition Oct/Nov 2007
In the fall of 2007 Mariann Saether, Simon Hirter, Tyler Curtis, Jed Wiengarten, Phil Boyer and friends packed up our famous Green Truck boating bus once again and headed out to East Tibet.
They paddled a range of rivers including the Kongpo Chu, Tong Chu, Parlung Tsangpo, Yigong Tsangpo and Po Tsangpo.

7 Weeks in TibetIn the fall of 2007 Dave Kwant and a bunch of friends packed up our famous Green Truck boating bus and headed out to East Tibet for 7 weeks of kayaking some of the most spectacular rivers in Tibet.
Follow an international team of 6 whitewater kayakers as they embark on a journey of a lifetime. Their challenging attempt to be the first to paddle the length of the PARLUNG TSANGPO river in Tibet takes them deep into the heart of the Himalayas. From there they have to survive an incredible 12 days on the river battling their way through huge whitewater rapids. Friendships, skill and nerves will all be tested to the limit.7 Weeks in Tibet’ won the ‘People’s Choice’ award at the Wet West Film Festival (read more here )
JJ Sheperd created a short film from the trip too for To a Tee Ltd and for LVM. You can see it here .
If you still want to see more from the trip, you can see photos and read reports on the following blogs:
Passion4Adventure by Zak Shaw
Athwak by Sam Hughes
Hydrothinko by JJ Sheperd
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Custom East Tibet Kayak Expedition Report

Reting Tsangpo Expedition: First Full Descent

Paddling on the Roof of the World

Horse Trekking

General Horse Trekking Images
Dechen Valley day trip

Customised Trips/Projects

Blindsight: The Movie
In 2005, Wind Horse provided logistics for the production of the movie “Blindsight”
The story follows a group of blind Tibetan teenagers from “Braille Without Borders” in the quest to climb a 7000m peak near Everest.
Check out the movie trailer.

First kayak descent of the Rong Chu: North River of Everest
In 2004 Chris Jones, Juston Boocock and Georgia LePlastrier completed the first kayak descent of the Rong Chu. The Rong Chu is the river that drains the north face of Everest.

Yigong Tsangpo Expedition
In 2003, Chris Jones led an international group of paddlers to attempt the remote and wild Yigong Tsangpo. This was the first major kayak expedition Wind Horse had facilitated since Scott LIndgrens Tsangpo Expedition. The Yigong Tsagpo is around 275kms long and the team managed to paddle 125kms of stunning remote whitewater before rising water and crazy rapids promted a change of plan!The Yigong Tsangpo awaits a first full descent!

Facing East: The story of the Last Descent of the Great Bend of the Yangtse
In the Spring of 2008 Jed Weingarten and Willie Kern led the last descent of the Great Bend of the Yangtse
It was the last descent because a mega dam project will block the river for ever.
This film will explore the reality of China’s modernisation and the environmental sacrifices China is making in the name of economic development.Check out the film trailer.

Thompson Rivers University Yarlung Tsangpo Expedition [External Video]
Thompson Rivers University Expedition – Canadian TV report [External Video]

Tibetan Whitewater

Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountainbiking

New stuff/ Top photos

Chance encounter!

Returning from a day trip rafting on the Tolung Chu one lucky group had a chance encounter with a harvest festival. A lama blesses the fields offering thanks for a good harvest. Locals make offerings of tsampa and katas. Its great to see local traditions being continued in rural Tibet with little to no influence from tourists.