The first three days in Lhasa and the drive through Gyantse and Shigatse is along the same schedule outlined in the first “Cultural Tours” options. We then drive deep into the Himalaya and the starting point of our trek in the Kharta valley. Our trek crosses the Shao-la into the uninhabited Kama valley, an ecological wonderland formed by the warm, moist air flowing up the Arun valley from Nepal and collecting in the glacial basins of the high Himalaya. We walk past alpine meadows, juniper and rhododendron forests, and mountain tarns to reach the outlet of the Kangshung glacier.

Here we walk beneath the soaring faces of Chomolonzo and Makalu into the lap of Chomolungma and Lhotse and make high camp in the meadows beside the glacier. With nothing but snow peaks towering above us while we relax in the idyllic meadow of Pethang Ringmo it is easy to imagine how this is the secret northern entrance to the fabled “Hidden Land” of Khembalung. This is an unforgettable location far from any road and nestled amongst the world’s highest peaks.

We return to our vehicles by another route over the Langma-la and enjoy a final camp before driving out via Tingri. We will be able to reach the Nepal border late afternoon of the 20th day.