Beginning in Lhasa we acclimatise and warm up on several runs near Lhasa. We then drive through Shigatse to Rongbuk Monastery 7km from Everest base camp. After exploring around base camp, we put on the Rong Chu at around 5000m (which may be the highest put-in anywhere in the world). We then spend the next 5 days paddling class 3 and 4 whitewater to the village of Kharta and the entrance to the infamous Arun River Gorges. This partial circumnavigation of Everest by kayak is a truly amazing journey.

We spend a day exploring the spectacular landscape around Kharta before driving towards Nyalam and the Nepali border. The monsoon season is the best time for this expedition as we are paddling on the dry side of the Himalayas. You need to be a confident class IV kayaker to undertake this expedition.

Please contact Wind Horse directly for an itinerary on this trip. You will need to present us with a CV of your paddling experience before undertaking this expedition.