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    About Tibet Windhorse

    Tibet Wind Horse Adventure (Lung-ta) began in 1997. Unlike some of the bigger companies in Tibet we are not simply interested in running high-volume tours through set itineraries. We specialize in customized itineraries, special projects and true adventure tourism.

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More Services

Trekking Adventures

Conditions are variable and sometimes harsh at high altitude so we do our best to make our treks as comfortable as possible. We always arrange portage (usually yaks or horses) so only need to carry a day pack with minimal[...]

River Journeys

Wind Horse Adventure is the only company in Tibet with official permits to operate rafting and kayaking trips. We have employed international guides who work alongside our Tibetan guides to ensure a very high standard of safety, service and cultural[...]

Horse Trekking

The most adventurous horse trips we do involve traversing valleys and high passes and often follow a tradition nomad route. All of our multi-day horseback itineries are fully customised to meet your goals. If you are interested in a multi-day[...]

Day Tours

Day Tours are ideal way to extend your stay in Tibet or to get acquainted with the place before joining a longer trip.

Customized Trips

The key to this type of undertaken is a flexibility and openness to try new things. Our managers and staff pioneered trekking and rafting in Tibet and we are always looking for interesting new areas to explore. This is not[...]

Cultural Tours

The trips listed from this page are some of our more standard trips to give you an idea of the range of possibilities, times, and costs involved with coming to Tibet. However we can link all Tibetan areas including Qinghi[...]

Yabshi Phunkhang Heritage Hotel

Yabshi Phunkhang Heritage Hotel was first built in 1838. Yabshi is title given to the parents of the Dalai Lama of the Tibet, and Phunkhang is a short form of Phuntsok Khangsar (11th Dalai Lama’s family house).

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Partners and Reviews

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