Tibet Windhorse

Customized Trips

Our Cultural, Adventure, and Rafting itineraries have been given as models of the kind of travel experiences, you can find in Tibet.

We also handle another category of visitors here — those with a special project in mind. Whether it be a research project, climbing ascents or river descents, working in Tibet requires a great deal of logistical planning and experience. We can deliver the know-how, permits, and logistical backup for your particular undertaking.

The key to this type of undertaken is a flexibility and openness to try new things. Our managers and staff pioneered trekking and rafting in Tibet and we are always looking for interesting new areas to explore. This is not just a business, this is a love for Tibet, its history, land, and people. We welcome the chance to introduce new areas and take on fresh challenges.

Kayaks on Mt.Everest

Lhasa to Kathmandu kayaking expedition

The ultimate kayaking experience. In June 2004, Chris Jones and friends pioneered this classic overland route with a twist. Kayaks are rarely seen this high in the mountains but there are a number of superb runs culminating in the Rong Chu, the river that drains the north face of Everest.

Rivers of Central Tibet

Rafting/Kayaking Expedition

Paddle and float across the high Tibetan plateau, experiencing Tibet as few tourists ever will. After four days acclimitising and experiencing the sites of Lhasa, we practice our paddling skills on the Tolung Chu before driving to the spectacular Nyenchen Thanglha range.

The Reting Tsangpo

This incredible river journey was first paddled by Wind Horse in 2005. We take a gear boat and say good-bye to the road for four days, carrying our supplies along with us.

The Drigung Chu

The Drigung Chu is situated in an exquisite alpine valley about 2 hours from Lhasa. Continuous exciting class III rapids are interspersed with incredible granite gorges and challenging class IV rapids. The 2 day trip runs more whitewater and also includes a visit to the Tidrum Nunnery and hotsprings.

The Tolung Chu

The Tolung Chu is a fun whitewater adventure only 1 hour from Lhasa. It is a perfect introduction to whitewater rafting in Tibet. You do not have to be able to swim, but it is recommended that you are physically fit and have acclimatized in Lhasa for a few days as you will be required to paddle and move around the raft. This is our most popular trip for those that only have a short time in Lhasa

Film Production Services

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of film productions either provide all inclusive logistics and/or staff and basic logistics. Filming in Tibet is challenging but its not impossible and we can help you from the beginning by providing contacts to facilitate special permits all the way through to logistics and support.
The range of story opportunities and phenomenally spectacular and fascinating locations make Tibet a prime location for adventure and cultural film projects.

Educational Projects & Tours

Tibet has fascinated scholars for centuries. Much of this fascination has to do with its isolation, geographically, politically and spiritually from the rest of the world. Some of this has changed in recent years and some of it hasn’t, but there is no question that Tibet remains a unique and fascinating place.

Photography Trips

Whether you’re a professional photographer with a special project or a group of passionate photographers simply wanting to capture Tibet in your lens, we can provide specific support for your trip.

Multi-sport Expeditions

Tibet is an incredible adventure playground if you have specialized skills. Mountainbiking, kayaking, horse riding, motorbiking etc. All these activities can be done in Tibet either on easy terrain or some of the most extreme terrain you can find in the world. Don’t be scared away by all the stories of gnarly rivers, mountains etc. there is also plenty of moderate terrain for those those of us with a stronger sense of mortality!

Exploratory Expeditions

Coming soon…!