Educational Projects

Educational Projects/Tours

Tibet has fascinated scholars for centuries. Much of this fascination has to do with its isolation, geographically, politically and spiritually from the rest of the world. Some of this has changed in recent years and some of it hasn’t, but there is no question that Tibet remains a unique and fascinating place. We have helped to introduce this land and culture to groups with special academic or cultural interests and have created diverse itineraries for individuals and groups. Our clients include the Smithsonian Institute, the University of Michigan. More recently we have been involved in a collaborative project with Tibet University, Virginia University and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia Univeristy to develop tourism curriculum for the Tourism department at Tibet Univeristy.

Let us know your project or tour and we can create either basic logistics to support your program or we can create the whole program from the beginning, write curriculum and provide expert leadership and instruction. We are well connected with a range of Tibet and Buddhist experts including, Robert Thurman, Kabir Heimsath, David Germano just to name a few.

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